About Us

Macomb Wildcats Youth Sports LLC is dedicated to the children. We believe that youth sports are a way for children to gain social skills, confidence, determination, responsibility, discipline as well as other life skills which will help the children throughout their entire lives.

Macomb Wildcats was created in 2023. We are an extension of the Juggernauts Kid’s Foundation (a non-profit charitable organization). The Juggeranuts Kid’s Foundation is a community outreach program which focuses on anti-bullying, community outreach and charitable events.

The Macomb Wildcats organization is determined to assist all children who want to participate in youth sports.

About The Owner

Robert Durham Founder of the Fraser Wildcats Youth Sports League

Robert Durham


Since Robert Durham started his moving company Juggernauts Moving & Storage he has found ways to give back to the community through his business. With the founding of the Macomb Wildcats Youth Sports league, we wish to empower the children through the transformative power of youth sports.

Robert has over 10 years of experience in the moving industry and brings a wealth of knowledge about building successful businesses. His business has received many awards and he is known for delivering the best quality service. With all these things combined, he has a lot of life experience and valuable skills he brings to the table.

Robert, a dad himself, knows that children are the future. So he wishes to create a safe space for all children who wish to participate in youth sports to thrive and flourish.